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We are looking for European Startups and SMEs building the Next Generation of IoT

IntellIoT’s mission is to enable the execution of semi-autonomous IoT applications for AI-enabled systems. With its partners in three main sectors – agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing – IntellIoT is building an ecosystem united by a shared vision committed to privacy, security and trust, in which the intelligence of humans and devices can seamlessly intertwine. The consortium’s projects aim to overcome limitations of traditional cloud-centric IoT, such as unreliable connectivity, privacy concerns, or high round-trip times.

With the Open Call, IntellIoT invites SMEs and startups to join the consortium for pilots of 6 months to build applications, services and extensions on the project’s framework and the three use cases. New partners will receive up to 150,000 Euro to execute pilot projects alongside the 13 consortium partners to apply the IntellIoT technology, improve their products and services, and create new business.

Why join the programme?


Up to 150,000 Euro for teams contributing to the framework

Up to 100,000 Euro for teams contributing to one of the use cases


Get access to a pan-European innovation network


Explore novel business models and exploitation opportunities for your solutions


Work with top-shelf experts on innovative next-generation IoT applications


Eligibility criteria:

  • You need to be incorporated in the EU or one of the Horizon 2020 associated countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.

  • Your organisation needs to be an SME according to the definition of the European Commission:

    • Staff headcount: <250,
    • Turnover: <50m Euro or balance sheet total: <43m Euro.
  • Your organisation cannot be a subsidiary or affiliated party of one of the consortium members.

  • Only individual applicants – consortia cannot apply.

Guide for Applicants

Please find here all the information you need for your application. Get the full overview of use cases and the exemplary contributions, explore the detailed eligibility criteria and get familiar with the application process.

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Do you have any other questions? Or maybe you’d like to talk to us before applying? Sure thing!

You have two options:

Kick-Off Video

Check out the video recording from the Open Call Kick-Off event – and see if the presentations or the Q&A session clarified some of your questions about the application process.


IntellIoT is a pan-European Research and Innovation Project, supported by the European Commission, as a part of the Horizon2020 programme. The project aims to develop a reference architecture and framework, enabling IoT environments for semi-autonomous IoT applications. Over the course of three years, IntellIoT will test the developed framework in three industries: agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing.
The IntellIoT consortium consists of 13 partners, spread across 9 countries. We will facilitate two Open Calls to involve Startups and SMEs in the framework development process.
The first Open Call will take place between September 1st 2021, and November 1st 2021. Applicants are invited to submit a short outline of their technology and business proposition, highlighting how they may integrate with the IntellIoT framework. Each application can address the general framework or one of three Use Cases. During that process, IntellIoT will select 4 companies who will join the project.
After the application process is completed and new partners are selected, a six-month pilot project will begin. During that time, new partners will join the consortium to work on the project. Joining Startups and SMEs will receive funding of up to 150,000 Euro.

We are looking for European Startups, Scaleups and SMEs developing innovative solutions applicable to the IntellIoT framework and one of the use cases in agriculture, healthcare or manufacturing. You should be ready to integrate your solution within the IntellIoT framework and keep the components alive until the end of the project in September 2023.

Joining a pan-European Research and Innovation project has many perks.
You will get access to a well-established innovation network and ecosystem. You will work with top-shelf experts on innovative next-generation IoT applications that can change the market. It is also a significant growth opportunity for your organisation — you will explore novel business models and exploitation possibilities for your solutions.
Finally, you will receive equity-free funding of up to 150,000 Euro for solutions addressing the general framework, or up to 100,000 Euro for solutions addressing one of the three use cases.

To be eligible for the Open Call, your company needs to be considered a Startup or SME, as per definition by the European Commission, which you can find here.
In addition, you need to be incorporated in one of the member states of the EU or one of the Horizon2020 associated countries (the list of countries is available here).
IntellIoT partners and their related entities — or entities in which IntellIoT partners have shares or other interests — are entirely excluded from participating in the Open Calls.

For more information about the eligibility criteria, please read the Guide for Applicants.

No. Each proposal must be submitted by a single applicant, consortia are not allowed. 

Yes, we do. As a newly joining partner, you will receive funding to work with us.
Within the Open Call 1, the funding available for selected companies is as follows:

  • Up to 150,000 Euro for teams contributing to the framework
  • Up to 100,000 Euro for teams contributing to one of the use cases

The above amount is the maximum total funding that can be applied for and received by one company. We will ask you to describe the expected work plan for the 6-month pilot and the budget required for its successful execution within the application form. This description will be a factor in the decision on granting the funding.
For more information on funding, please see the Guide for Applicants.

The application period for our Open Call 2021 starts on September 1st 2021, and ends on November 1st 2021 at 16:00, Central European Time. After that deadline, no applications will be considered or accepted for the Open Call 2021.
The next opportunity to apply will be the second Open Call in Autumn 2022.

Unfortunately – no. This Open Call is dedicated only to organisations that are already incorporated.

Your application must be submitted online through the IntellIoT Open Call submission platform on F6S. Proposals submitted by any other means will not be considered.
If you don’t have a profile on F6S yet, you will first have to create one. The application process is very simple: you answer the questions by filling the form online. You can save your proposal and come back to work on it again later. There is also the option to upload supporting documents. Just make sure your application is completed and submitted before the deadline — otherwise, we can not consider it.

The following sections are defined in the submission platform:

  • General and company information
  • Solution description
  • Industrial relevance and impact
  • Team
  • Work plan
  • Justification of resources and costs

You can find additional guidance about what information we are concretely looking for within these sections in the Guide for Applicants and the submission platform – F6S.

The evaluation and selection process of the Open Call is designed to create an open, accountable, multi-step selection process based solely on the merit of the submitted application. All submissions shall receive the same opportunity.
Projects will be evaluated in 3 phases: an eligibility check, an evaluation by at least two independent experts, and a final consensus meeting. Selected teams will sign a sub-grant agreement with the consortium, which will include all the terms of engagement.

The independent experts will evaluate all eligible proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to IntellIoT (usefulness and complementarity)
  • Impact and sustainability
  • Technical excellence
  • Quality of implementation
  • Quality of the team
  • Economic fairness

All criteria will be evaluated on a scale from 1-6. The threshold for the first criterion — relevance to IntellIoT — is 5. For all remaining criteria, the threshold is 4. The overall threshold, applying to the sum of the individual scores, will be 27. Proposals that fail to reach these thresholds will not be considered for the funding. For more details on the criteria and process, please read the Guide for Applicants.

We will select four companies in total — one addressing the general framework and one addressing each Use Case.

We will do the eligibility check immediately after the application deadline on November 1st 2021. If we determine that you are not eligible for the funding, we will inform you about our decision around mid-November. Eligible applications will then be reviewed by the independent experts, and we expect to inform you about the final selection in mid-December.

The duration of the pilot projects is 6 months, starting in February 2022.

Firstly, make sure to carefully read the Guide for Applicants. It’s a document with all the information necessary to apply. You can also watch the video recording from the Open Call Kick-Off event to learn everything about the programme or join one of the Office Hours to ask questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Open Call Coordinator – Berkay Kabay. You can also join one of our Office Hour sessions.

Open Call Documentation

Please find here all the information you need for your application. Get the full overview of use cases and the exemplary contributions, explore the detailed eligibility criteria and get familiar with the application process.

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Guide for Applicants
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