The Next Generation of IoT

IntellIoT is a Pan-European project focusing on the development of integrated, distributed, human-centered and trustworthy IoT frameworks applicable to healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture. Enabling technologies such as 5G, cybersecurity, distributed technology, Augmented Reality and tactile internet, IntellIoT also champions end-user trust, adequate security and privacy by design.

IntellIoT comprises a consortium of 13 partners spread across 9 countries and is supported by the European Commission with €8 million EU funding.

Sectors we focus on

“Accelerated through Covid-19, IoT applications now need to look beyond connecting a variety of different wearable devices, by adding intelligence, autonomy and security to the IoT edge node, close to the users.

“IntellIoT stands for ‘Intelligent IoT’. Together with the partners, we aim to develop a reference architecture to enable IoT environments for (semi-)autonomous IoT applications endowed with intelligence that evolves with the human-in-the-loop, based on an efficient and reliable IoT/edge-(computation) and network-(communication) infrastructure.”

Our Partners