Augmented remote operation of an intelligent agricultural fleet

The agricultural domain faces many dangerous situations and unfortunately, many deadly accidents occur where farming vehicles are involved. IntellIoT incorporates the human-in-the-loop in the intelligent IoT environment of a semi-autonomous agricultural vehicle (e.g. tractors) in collaboration with other devices such as drones to improve safety, reliability and security. Human intervention is needed in uncertain situations (e.g., animals on the path, dust or other particles).

In the intelligent IoT environment, a human operator takes remote control of the vehicle and thereby refines the AI models. This role can be taken by the farmer or even a remote service provider when going beyond private 5G cells. VR technologies are employed to display a 360° live stream from the vehicle. The IoT/edge and networking infrastructure will enable reliable and secure operation.

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Martijn Rooker

Use Case Agriculture Lead

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