Join us at #IoT2022 in Delft!

IntellIoT is inviting all researchers and SME to contribute to our upcoming workshop on

“Next-Generation IoT Infrastructures for Real-world Applications (NGIoTI-2022)”

Today’s IoT environments are facing many limitations, such as unreliable connectivity, privacy & trust concerns, or high round-trip times. Various research programs are aiming to overcome these challenges and to develop more intelligent IoT environments. The goal is to enable next generation IoT applications, which feature semi-autonomous behavior that evolves while keeping the human-in-the-loop as an integral part of the system. The workshop’s objective is to foster the exchange of cutting-edge advances as well as practical experiences within the IoT community, to contribute solutions for open issues on the next generation IoT. We invite authors to submit scientific papers stretching from fundamental research (e.g., IoT architectures and integration of constrained devices), over application-oriented topics (e.g., real-world IoT applications & deployments), to solutions relying on open source software, emerging concepts, or visionary papers. Accepted papers will be published by Springer as a part of the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

Please reach out to us to propose your contribution!


Technical Scope

The technical scope of the proposed workshop includes the following topics, circulating around next-generation IoT infrastructures:

  • Novel IoT architectures
  • Machine Learning for constrained IoT infrastructures
  • Web of Things including (Hypermedia) agents for the IoT
  • New IoT communication technologies (e.g., for real-time settings)
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability in IoT environments
  • Sensing, signal processing, actuation and analytics in IoT applications
  • Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT
  • Human Interaction with IoT
  • (Syntactic/semantic) Interoperability in IoT
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT
  • Real-world applications and their deployments and testbeds
  • Novel applications of IoT in verticals (e.g., industrial, rural, business processes, etc.)
  • Societal impacts and ethical implications of the IoT

We are happy to announce that the accepted papers will be published at Springer LNCS. Please use the according template and respect the page limits for a full paper (12–15 pages) or short paper (6-11 pages).

Workshop Chairs

About #IoT2022

The International Conference on the Internet of Things is the premier gathering for visionary and groundbreaking research in IoT and closely-related fields. It connects world-class researchers with leading industry experts to steer innovation in multiple IoT verticals (e.g., smart industry, smart cities, smart health, smart environment). Since its start in 2008, the conference has been backed by strong support from leading academic institutions as well as industry. We are pleased to announce its 12th edition and associated workshops, which will take place physically from November 7–10 at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), on TU Delft campus (the Netherlands).

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