Human-Machine cooperation in shared manufacturing

IntellIoT will enable flexible and individualized production—a crucial feature for the manufacturing plant of the future. Thinking even further, shared manufacturing plants with multiple customers utilizing manufacturing as-a-service will be possible. An intelligent IoT environment derives a production plan from product data received from a customer, selects machines for the planned production steps and plans optimized transport paths for workpieces.

Smart contracts based on blockchain are concluded between customers, machine operators and plant operators. Transport is done by robots and AGVs, guided by in-built AI. Whenever AI is not sufficiently confident about a production step or workpiece handling, a “human-in-the-loop” takes over control remotely. Using AR and VR technologies, the human assists the AI, which is later trained with these new inputs. The infrastructure of IoT/edge and networking will enable tactile, reliable, secure and safe operation.


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Andreas Zirkler

Use Case Manufacturing Lead

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