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IoT applications cannot be completely autonomous in how they decide and act; they need to keep humans in the human-in-the-loop for control and optimization of their Artificial Intelligence. The interaction with the human will enable the intelligent system to expand its knowledge about the environment or the application through machine learning technologies and use the experience from the human operator to learn new features or information about the overall process.

The Human-in-the-Loop pillar includes a set of architectural components available for integration. The following are the one-pagers for each component which can be downloaded directly as PDFs:

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Applications are now open for SMEs and startups to use the components to test the wider applicability of the IntellIoT framework and win 60,000 euros for a 6-month pilot! To get a complete overview of key pillars and components, explore the detailed eligibility criteria and get familiar with the application process, please find all the information you need in the Guide for Applicants.
Apply until January 9, 2023!
Guide for Applicants

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Carina Pamminger

Lead Human-in-the-Loop

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